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Hi, I am Kavita Wathore, a freelance website developer and designer in Mumbai and I help businesses succeed. I will perform highly in this role..


WordPress Experts

we help you with your WordPress website development packed with features. Ideal for business looking for a hassle free way to build and manage websites, WordPress is the ideal content management system platform create a website that impresses and converts customers .

Responsive web Design

The adaptability of your website with mobile, desktops, laptops and tablets is critical to your business success. Responsive websites are aimed at providing easy navigation and interaction of yours with the website. As a Mumbai freelance web developer, we use the latest technology trends, media queries, fluid images to ensure that all website we create are device agnostic and provide a consistent experience to your website visitor

website Hosting

your elegant functional website needs to be backed by reliable, fast and secure web hosting. we also assist you selecting domain, purchasing and deploying your website on live server and maintenance for it as well.

search Engine Optimization- SEO

We do not focus only on the visual elements of a website. As web design experts we deliver websites that are search engine friendly.

User Experience - UX

User experience cannot be compromised with if you want your visitors to convert. We take utmost care in blending an SEO-friendly website with an elegant UI to deliver an astounding experience for your customers.

Content Writing

Google prioritizes websites with high-quality content. We collaborate with experienced content writers who research and create content that speak your brand language.



From being freelance web developer near mumbai to an agency owner, I had the privilege to work with numerous clients across different sectors over the course of 3 years.

This  has allowed me to put in systems and processes in place conductive to the successful

execution  of my clients requirements.

Be it web design and Development, marketing, my experience has allowed me to truly understand client’s expectations and execute strategies that connect with my clients customer base.



Our Clients Get Result.

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